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Ovaherero Genocide Foundation

Ovaherero Genocide Foundation -OGF

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The Ovaherero Genocide Foundation is a nonprofit organization, headquartered in Namibia with a global membership extending to particularly the immediate neighbors of Angola, Botswana, and South Africa to which victims of the German executed 1904 – 1907 Ovaherero – Nama genocide were displaced and is dedicated to the pursuit of restorative justice for descendants of victims of that genocide who continues to languish in conditions of poverty and destitution as a direct consequence of their forbearers’ dispossessions, displacement and general dehumanization of that violent experience. As per the prescribes of the 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment for the Crime of Genocide Convention, OGF seeks closure to this horrific chapter in Ovaherero people to come in the form of reparations as an internationally pre-determined penalty for the crime of genocide.

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