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Ovaherero Genocide Foundation

Office of the Chairperson

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  • Shall, by definition chair all meetings of the OGF at executive and general level. In absentia and or by deliberate designation, the Deputy Chairperson, shall, as principal assistant to the Chairperson, preside over all OGF executive and general meetings. In absence of both the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson as principal assistant to the Chairperson, OGF meetings shall be chaired by the Chief Legal Advisor and Officer-in-Charge: Reparation, Restitution and Restoration. In the event of the absence of all these Office-bearers, convened OGF meetings shall be declared not formally constituted. In that event, a consultative meeting shall be chaired by any of the Chairpersons of the various sub-committees constituted under the OGF structure; the Executive Advisor in the Chairperson’s Office; and any of the ten respective Chief Specialists.
  • As Chief Executive and Accounting Officer, the Chairperson shall ensure that meeting’ decisions and or resolutions are carried through AND, as assisted by the Deputy Chairperson and staffers in the Chairperson’s Office, facilitate timely and expeditious communication of up-coming meetings and events. Importantly this Office shall, in the age of social media and fake news, strive to ensure that ONLY accurate and reliable information is transmitted through the OGF public communications platforms.
  • Supported respectively by the Team of the Chief Legal Advisor and Officer-in-Charge: Reparation, Restitution and Restoration and, through the Deputy Chairperson, respective Chief Specialists on Finance, Secretarial, Communications and Organization Matters, the Chairperson provides oversight and guidance on all operational matters AND also programs related affairs as lead at the sub-committee level by respective Chairpersons of Sub-Committees. In particular, the Chairperson must ensure that Chairpersons of such subcommittees fully attend to their specialized mandates and authorities.
  • Shall lead all advocacy and mobilization efforts for purposes on building local and global networks and partnerships for solidarity with the OvaHerero cause for restorative justice;    
  • The Chairperson’s Office shall hold a mandatory signing right to all documents with probable effect on the balance sheet of the Foundation.
  • The Chairperson will be assisted & supported by an Executive Director in the Office of the Chairperson in carrying out his/her duties.
  • The Executive Director will also play an advisory role.



Programme leader


Nandiuasora Mazeingo - Chairperson of Ovaherero Genocide Foundation

Nandiuasora "Nandi" Mazeingo