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Ovaherero Genocide Foundation

Office of the Deputy Chairperson

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What We Do

  • Serves as the Principal Deputy to the OGF Chairperson and as such, in the deputizing role, assumes on Duties, Powers and Authorities of the Chairperson
  • Serves as the Foundation Operational Head and in that role, for each of the five respective functions of Finance, Resource Mobilization, Secretarial Duties, Communications and Organizational Matters, shall be assisted by various Specialists overseeing each of these respective areas AND in turn shall report directly to the Chairperson and be overseen by the Chairperson’s Office.
  • This office will centrally be responsible for the daily administration of OGF funds, records of meetings, communications thereon AND all support services as may be determined and required by the Chairperson or any other structures of OGF. As Lead Secretarial Officer, supported by Chief Specialist: Secretarial duties, this office bearer shall attend all meetings of OGF and hold principal custody of all books and records of OGF.
  • As Lead Finance Officer, supported by a Chief Specialist: Finance, shall attend to the payment of all accounts processed for payment by OGF, prepare Annual Statements of receipts and expenditure, assets and liabilities to be laid before OGF End of Financial Year meetings and be responsible for ensuring that OGF books are audited each year. The CFO shall keep books in proper order for the purpose of recording all receipts and expenditure of OGF and of the assets and liabilities thereof and shall generally attend to and record the financial affairs of the OGF. The CFO shall hold a single mandatory signing right to all documents pertaining to financial matters.
  • As Lead Communications Officer, supported by Chief Specialist: Communication, shall attend to OGF communications requirements and, in close collaboration with the Chairperson and Patron to ensure alignment with the OTA, vets all OGF communications.
  • As Lead Resource-Mobilization Officer, supported by Chief Specialist: Resource Mobilization, shall attend to OGF support (in cash and or kind) mobilization efforts and, in close collaboration with the Chairperson and Patron to ensure alignment with the OTA resource mobilization efforts, vets all such OGF efforts. For purposes on easing the burden off the OTA Treasury, this Office, working directly under the supervision of the Special Assistant shall on a regular basis initiate activities and programs aimed at raising funds and other support materials for the OGF platform.



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Ovaherero Genocide Foundation

Mbiripipo Vivian "Joyce" Muzengua

Deputy Chairperson