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Ovaherero Genocide Foundation

Headquartered in Namibia

Ovaherero Genocide Foundation

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About us

Welcome to our Foundation

The Ovaherero Genocide Foundation is a nonprofit organization, headquartered  in Namibia with a global membership extending to particularly the immediate neighbors of Angola, Botswana and South Africa to which victims of the German executed 1904 – 1907 Ovaherero – Nama genocide where displaced, and is dedicated to the pursuit of restorative justice for descendants of victims of that genocide who continues to languish in conditions of poverty and destitution as a direct consequence of their forbearers’ dispossessions, displacement and general dehumanization of that violent experience.

As per the prescribes of the 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment for the Crime of Genocide Convention, OGF seeks closure to this horrific chapter in Ovaherero people to come in the form of reparations as an internationally pre-determined penalty for the crime of genocide.


Foundation Priorities


Achieve an unfettered, sincere and genuine recognition by the Germany state and the international community, including its most representative intergovernmental organization- the United Nations, of the crime of genocide committed against Ovaherero and Nama people in the periods leading up to the 1904 Ovaherero’s uprising but chiefly subsequent off Germany’s expressed will and intend to annihilate and or obliterate all OvaHerero and Nama people, in October 1904 and April 1905 respectively, and thereby meeting textbook definition of the crime of Genocide AND, when deemed necessary and un-obstructive to the main cause for reparations, directly deliver a fitting apology (from the Germany state) to the Ovaherero and Nama people as the direct-interest party, through their legitimate representative leadership.


Through all possible available avenues and resources, advise, motivate, mobilize, urge, steer, compel the state of Germany to, in the context of the 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment on the crime of Genocide, agree to and effect reparations payments commensurate with the diabolical crimes she committed against Ovaherero and Nama people more than a century back.


Establish itself and remain central to the critical mass mobilizing Ovaherero populace the world over to optimally deploy their earned reparation resources and other self-help initiatives to the agenda of rehabilitation, reconstruction and or revitalization of the once glorious community of Southern Africa.


Our Stand on Joining Advisory Committees


Latest Updates

Inclusivity and honesty in all Talks with Germany:

 “Germany knows who the children of the victims of her murderous policies a century back are and indeed currently where they live, she must therefore soonest cease with her gimmicks…

The 1904-07: OvaHerero-Nama Genocide

 The genocide was a campaign of racial extermination and collective punishment that the German state under Kaiser Wilhelm II, through German colonial troopers of German South-West Africa, undertook against the…

Ovaherero Genocide Foundation -OGF

  The Ovaherero Genocide Foundation is a nonprofit organization, headquartered in Namibia with a global membership extending to particularly the immediate neighbors of Angola, Botswana, and South Africa to which…

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OvaHerero Convention of otjizingue/
Creation of ovaherero Paramount chieftaincy
Commencement of genocidal war aided by German extermination order against ovaherero-October 2nd, ozombu-zovindimba
3rd consecutive year of german genocidal war since 1904
Artificial closure of concentration camps and commencement of slave trade in Ovaherero and Nama prisoners of war to new occupiers of their occupation of their ancestral land that continues to this date!
Ovaherero and Nama people files lawsuit against german assets and interests in usa
Ovaherero Paramount Chief (MP), Kuaima Riruako, successfully moves a Genocide Motion through the Namibian Parliament to unanimous adoption.
ovaherero files class lawsuit against germany demanding reparations for genocide
Ovaherero and Nama People files a lawsuit in Namibia against the Namibian President and Cabinet; Speaker of the National Assembly and National Assembly; and Attorney-General seeking the nullification of the initialed German-Namibia Joint-Agreement
share of total ovaherero population of 100000 in 1904 killed during the genocide
0 +

To date Germany refuses to recognize OvaHerero leadership as the legitimate and sole negotiator on behalf of their people; negates directly tendering an unfettered, sincere and genuine apology to OvaHerero, dilly-dallies and employs gimmicks around the terminology of genocide AND as such has not moved an inch towards honoring its obligation under international law to pay reparation to OvaHerero as victims of the crime of genocide. Accordingly Germany remains a fugitive from the long arms of the law which we are convinced eventually will catch up with her.