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Ovaherero Genocide Foundation

Sub-Committee on Archiving & Documentation

About Us

What We Do

  • Led by a Chairperson reporting directly to the OGF Chairperson and working directly with that Office and all its support wings, this Sub-Committee shall for purposes of preserving and efficiently managing existing genocide literature, materials and other significant objects, establish a documentation data-base and archiving system platform. Where possible and appropriate this sub-committee shall initiate measures to protect and control the use and distribution of such materials deemed essential and central to OvaHerero culture, language, art, society and history.


  • This Subcommittee shall for purposes of preserving undocumented Herero accounts of the genocide war and before endeavor to reach all custodians of such valuable accounts so as to document them through writing, recording and work towards a consolidated accounts publication. This organic Herero account is particularly enriching in terms of the value it brings to the Genocide history memorial as told from the perspective of those who lived it and not by-standers and on-lookers as is often the case with the “Blue Book” and many other third-party accounts.