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Ovaherero Genocide Foundation

Membership Registration

Terms and Conditions

Any juristic person and or individual in support of restorative justice, equity, equality and harmonious relationships amongst citizens of the world and in particular the oppressed masses of the global south, amongst whom are the Ovaherero people of Southern Africa who at the turn of the last centaury suffered the first genocide of that centaury at the hands of imperial Germany, but are yet to receive justice, is eligible for membership of the Ovaherero Genocide Foundation.

Membership is based on a two tier system wherein the first tier houses ordinary membership whilst the latter membership entails a premium package. The ordinary membership package will cost N$100 payable once annually. The premium package costs N$500 payable once annually. The content of the premium package amongst other things includes biannual OGF publications and other extra-mural activities as may be determined from time to time. 

Membership, under both categories, shall formally be conferred upon satisfaction of the following conditions:

  1. Full payment of the required amount under the respective membership tier.
  2. Provision of certified identity documents.
  3. Contact details (optional).